Baxter Of California

3.25″ Tortoise Beard Comb



Handcrafted from cutting to the finishing touches, Baxter of California’s Tortoise Beard Comb is a top-quality tool designed for grooming beards, goatees and moustaches.
Tortoise Beard Comb is skilfully created by hand in Switzerland using high-grade cellulose acetate. Unlike cheap plastic combs, Tortoise Beard Comb’s teeth do not bend or break off easily. The natural materials make this beard comb very durable and could last for years. With the combination of unparalleled craftsmanship and top quality materials, this beard comb from Baxter of California has teeth that taper smoothly into rounded ends. Its teeth help you comb through the knots in your beard easier. The blunt tips minimize skin abrasion, making the beard comb comfortable to use.
Aside from the top grade materials and make, there are other reasons why a man who values his facial mane should get a Tortoise Beard Comb. This comb has both wide teeth for effortlessly combing the thick parts of the beard and small teeth for little goatee or moustache. This dual function beard comb also comes in a polished finish that radiates style and class.