Baxter Of California

5.25″ Tortoise Pocket Comb



Skilfully crafted by hand in Switzerland, Baxter of California’s Tortoise Pocket Comb is made from a top grade cellulose acetate with a brown tortoise shell-print finish. This comb fits perfectly in the pocket, making it ideal for those who are on the go.
Each Tortoise Pocket Comb from Baxter of California undergoes a meticulous 12-step process, all by hand, using only the finest materials, which guarantee the product’s sturdiness. The comb’s teeth do not bend easily, unlike its plastic counterparts. This exceptional handiwork results in perfectly tapered teeth with rounded tips, making it easy to comb through hair and comfortable on the scalp. The Tortoise Pocket Comb, with a length of 5.25″, can conveniently sit in your pocket or inside a small bag, making it the perfect grooming accessory when travelling.
Wearing a hat, or bonnet and strong winds can mess up your hairdo. By keeping a Tortoise Pocket Comb in your pocket or bag, you can style and tame that mane anywhere, anytime. As a bonus, its tortoise shell print gives it a stylish and classy look.