Groom Gang

Miguel Krzywdzinski

Founder/Manger of Groom Barbershop, 28 with 8+ years of experience. Loves people and the atmosphere of the barbershop. The idea that I can create something in such a little time and change the way the people look and feel is the reason why I love coming to work and building this empire so I can help give the best I can to everyone in the surrounding areas.

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Jarryd Lebeter

Jarryd was the first person to go from a week of work experience to being a full time apprentice Barber. He Loves to test his skills on some awesome cuts and styles. When he's not cutting he's either training for his Karate or hitting the decks at the local club.

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Jared Sengstock

2nd year apprentice, he joined the Groom crew in January 2019 working in the Gladstone store, his favourite thing about a barbershop has always been the atmosphere and being able to talk to everyone that walks in and get to know his clients.

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Conah McConnell

The youngest of the Groom team. Conah is an up coming barber who already shows signs of being great with the clippers. He froths the banter of the barbershop and isn't afraid to join in on a good roast.

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Tui Tamani

I've been cutting hair at barbershops for the past 5 years. If I’m not cutting hair I’m at the gym or you can find me behind DJ decks doing gigs ain Gladstone. What I love most about barbering is that there is so many techniques and I get to learn and vibe off other great barbers. I am very excited and grateful to be apart of the Groom Barber team and look forward to seeing my future with them.

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Join the Gang

Interested in joining the team ? If you have a great attitude, common sense and love working in Aircon while talking to people with some music in the background. Click the link below and send us your resume with some details about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as we can !

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Interested in expanding your skills ? If your an old school Barber or Hairdresser or you just want to learn some new tricks or have some questions with business don’t be afraid to send us an email and we will help you out as best as we can or point you in the right direction! We all have the same goal which is to love what we do and give people some great haircuts so lets team up !

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