Groom Gang

Miguel Krzywdzinski

Founder/Manger of Groom Barbershop, with 10+ years of experience. Loves people and the atmosphere of the barbershop. The idea that I can create something in such a little time and change the way the people look and feel is the reason why I love coming to work and building this empire so I can help give the best I can to everyone in the surrounding areas.

Barbers Choice - 18.21 Man made Clay/ Layrite Grooming Spray

Jarryd Lebeter

Jarryd was the first person to go from a week of work experience to being a full time Barber. Now with 5+ years of experience, he Loves to test his skills on some awesome cuts and styles. When he's not cutting he's either training for his next karate competition or hitting the decks at the local club.

Barbers Choice - Slick Gorilla Styling Powder / Captain Fawcett Hair and Scalp Tonic

Shania Pearce

Shania originally joined the team in Gladstone when we had a store there. After being a part of Groom for 3+ years now, she has worked her way up through her apprenticeship and is now fully qualified and one of our most popular barbers. When Shania isn't obsessing over giving you the perfect haircut, she's at home obsessing over her black cat Mysti.

Barbers Choice - slick gorilla lightwork

Chris Lee

Chris started cutting hair from home before he started his apprenticeship at Groom. After cutting hair for 3+ years, he can cater for all styles, although his favourites are longer length haircuts with flow and texture.

Barbers Choice - Uppercut Salt Spray/Foam Tonic or 18.21 Clay

Paulo Sanches

Paulo is 20 years of age, born in brasil but has been living in Australia for 8 years. He started barbering in 2019, cutting family and friends hair from home and had a passion for the trade straight away and eventually chose to make it his career. His other main Interest is Football / Soccer and Gaming.
Come see him at the barbershop to find out more about Paulo!

Marcus Anthony

Qualified barber with 8+ years experience!

Enjoys being able to change someone’s confidence within themselves and being able to have the abilities to give someone confidence! I want to be able to make a positive impact in this life and to others.

Barbers choice, 1821 and uppercut!

Jayden England

My names Jayden, I'm 24 years old and I've been a barber for 6 years now! when I'm not working, I like playing sport (AFL,touch, cricket and golf) besides sport im a chill guy who really likes my down time to hang around the house playing games and music (Guitar and DJing)

Kaylan Payne

starting an apprenticeship was a goal for myself after school, I fell into barbering after a few serious in another work force. Growing my love for barbering each day and being able to make my clients look good makes the job all worth it. I've been cutting hair now for a good year and a half and wouldn't turn back. I'm hoping to finish my apprenticeship and take barbering further outside of Rockhampton. when I'm not cutting, I'm either working on my car or fixing something. I like to stay busy and always have a project I'm looking to complete. I look forward to making the CQ look fresh!

Barbers choice - 18.21 clay, slick gorilla styling powder

Jacob Weder

Jacob has recently jumped on board here at groom. Starting his apprenticeship mid 2022, he has been picking everything up very quickly. Learning his way around the clippers, he will be a pro in no time. When he isn't at work, he's either playing Oztag or trying to play the Dj decks or is either down at the local club swinging his long neck around.

Barbers Choice - 18.21 Clay/ Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray/ Layrite Cement clay.

Tristan Flute

Groom's first apprentice, starting on opening day along side Miguel, Tristan has been cutting for 6+ years now. Recently returning from travelling around Australia in a dodgy van, Tristan is back on the clippers and ready to chop ya mop.

Barbers Choice-

Ebony Lee-Nielsen

Ebony is a qualified barber that has been at groom for 3+ years. Loves the social atmosphere of the barbershop and making all her clients look fresh and feel great. When she’s not cutting hair you will find her anywhere near the beach or out travelling.

Barbers Choice - Uppercut Matte Pomade/ Slick Gorilla Styling Powder

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Interested in joining the team ? If you have a great attitude, common sense and love working in Aircon while talking to people with some music in the background. Click the link below and send us your resume with some details about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as we can !

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Interested in expanding your skills ? If your an old school Barber or Hairdresser or you just want to learn some new tricks or have some questions with business don’t be afraid to send us an email and we will help you out as best as we can or point you in the right direction! We all have the same goal which is to love what we do and give people some great haircuts so lets team up !

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