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King Brown

King Brown Paste Pomade


A water based pomade, our PASTE pomade offers a heavy hold for those who want their hairstyle to set and forget. Rinses clean with just water.
Heat and humidity resistant formula, keep your style sharp under harsh conditions.

HOLD: Strong
SHEEN: Neutral
SCENT: Custom Bay Rum scent
SIZE: 2.5oz / 71g
HAIR TYPES: Suitable for all hair types short to medium in length
BEST SUITS: Classic style cuts, contours, side part, pomps, slick backs and textured styles
WATER BASED: Rinses clean with just water

Work a small amount between the hands and apply to mildly damp hair starting at the back of the hair, be sure apply back to front, side to side to ensure all the hair is coated root to end.
Increase amount used for added hold, defining part lines and securing fly away hairs.
Dries rigid, can be restyled with water source and comb if required.
Fast drying formula, style with pace.