• Pigeon and Weasel Nordic Pine
Pigeon and Weasel

Pigeon and Weasel Nordic Pine Stubbie Candle (small)


In the rush and crush of modern life we lose the luxury of space to breathe, quiet to think, and time to dream. You can rediscover these treasures in the rejuvenating aroma of the Pigeon & Weasel Nordic Pine Soy Wax Candle.

There is something magical and alluring about a Nordic forest. The calm green colours, the gentle rustling of the leaves and pine needles, and strong feeling of connection to nature. Autumn or ‘ruska’ is the most lovely season in the forest. It is when nature offers us conifers, berries and moss on the ground, and the fresh air blows the sweet smell of the pine, fir and birch trees.

When you light the Pigeon & Weasel Nordic Pine Soy Wax Candle the combination of clean pine scent and the jar’s amber glow will give you a true sense of ‘ruska’. This soy wax candle will fill your room, man cave or log cabin with its fresh Nordic pine scent whenever you desire.


Nordic Pine

Burn Time: 40 hours

Dimensions: 7.5 cm H, 4 cm D