GROOM BARBERSHOP NOW HAS A WEBSITE ! Big thanks to Ads Power for helping us out on this awesome website. We still have a lot more to add to the page so if there is any troubles or anything that anyone has noticed please email us or send us a message on our social media. We have kicked off this website to show everyone a more personal version of our social media and too keep everyone updated on what’s going . We have introduced for the first time a online shop so anyone can buy personally hand picked products where ever you are.

We still have a lot more rang to add and we will keep you updated on what’s new along the way so much sure to subscribe to our email system on the bottom of the page. Thanks again for clicking on our website hope you all enjoy !

Website is up !

February 4th, 2020


Southside Open // Youtube Channel Up!

May 31st, 2020

Big thanks to everyone that has been supporting us, don’t forget Southside store is now open and we have our Youtube Channel up! We are …