• Pigeon and Weasel Candle Lime
Pigeon and Weasel

Pigeon and Weasel Coconut Lime Stubbie Candle (small)


While on a family holiday in Hawaii, Weasel and her mum were relaxing under palm trees, drinking a local cocktail made from coconut milk, fresh lime and a hint of rum.

Weasel loved it so much that she couldn’t wait to get back to her candle studio to start trying to capture the relaxation she felt in that moment.

After many failed attempts she cracked it! And the Pigeon & Weasel Coconut Lime Soy Wax Candle was born.

When burning this Coconut Lime Soy Wax Candle you can expect to experience the intoxicating scent of wind-swept palms and coconut milk, with a fresh kick of lime to top it all off.

This is our go to candle when we need to take a brief mental escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney life, to go to a place where time seems to pass slower, and nothing’s a problem.


Coconuts and Lime

Burn Time: 40 hours

Dimensions: 7.5 cm H, 4 cm D