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Pigeon and Weasel

Pigeon and Weasel Vanilla Bean Longneck Soy Candle (large)


To call something ‘vanilla’ is to say that it is ordinary or standard. But anyone who has tasted fresh chantilly cream made with real vanilla beans will be able to tell you that vanilla really isn’t just ‘vanilla’.

At Pigeon & Weasel we wanted to capture this vanilla-ness and give vanilla the respect it deserves by creating a smooth, velvety and rich vanilla scented soy wax candle.

You can expect to smell caramel, coconut and vanilla beans all softened by a creamy base.

The Pigeon & Weasel Vanilla Bean Candle takes all your favourite vanilla memories and blends them into a deliciously rich aroma.

Place our Vanilla Bean Soy Wax Candle in a special place in your house, grab your favourite cookbook, and flick through the pages as you have a true Nigella moment.

Burn Time: 60 hours

Dimensions: 9 cm H, 7.5 cm D