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Shower Wine Holder


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The Shower Wine Holder is an ingenious tool created to keep your glass steady in the shower or while you bathe in a relaxing bath!

Kick back and relax at the end of a long day by taking your wine in the shower or bath with you! The Shower Wine Holder is the perfect girls gift! Great present for Mother’s Day and Christmas! Give one to your Girlfriend, Mother, Daughter or BFF. Or even buy one for yourself.

Its made from a unique silicone compound that grips to shiny surfaces like glass, mirrors or shower tiles. No need for screws, suction cups or adhesives that never seem to work. Plus it leaves no residue and doesn’t lose its stick.


1) Place on a clean, flat, shiny and dry surface.

2) Smooth out air bubbles

3) Wait 24 hours before using the Shower Wine Holder

Please Note:

Do not use with glass containers. This product is not intended for use on stone or other non-glazed tiles.


11cm x 14.5cm


Silicone and Plastic