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The Office Magnet Set – Set of 17 Magnets!

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Our Office magnet bundle includes 17 CHUNKY magnets!

Bundle includes:

1x Jim Fridge Magnet (Size: 63mm H x 56mm W)

1x Prison Mike Fridge Magnet (Size: 60mm H x 46mm W)

1x Pam Fridge Magnet (Size: 75mm H x 61mm W)

1x Kevin Fridge Magnet (Size: 64mm H x 47mm W)

1x Angela Fridge Magnet (Size: 77mm H x 45mm W)

1x Andy Fridge Magnet (Size: 61mm H x 43mm W)

1x Kelly Fridge Magnet (Size: 62mm H x 51mm W)

1x Dwight Fridge Magnet (Size: 61mm H x 47mm W)

1x Phyllis Fridge Magnet (Size: 66mm H x 54mm W)

1x Toby Fridge Magnet (Size: 62mm H x 43mm W)

1x Darryl Fridge Magnet (Size: 63mm H x 48mm W)

1x Stanley Fridge Magnet (Size: 62mm H x 45mm W)

1x Meredith Fridge Magnet (Size: 62mm H x 53mm W)

1x Ryan Fridge Magnet (Size: 60mm H x 43mm W)

1x Oscar Fridge Magnet (Size: 60mm H x 43mm W)

1x Michael Fridge Magnet (Size: 60mm H x 46mm W)

1x Creed Fridge Magnet (Size: 60mm H x 45mm W)

Material: High quality semi-gloss print on an EVA foam layer, and magnet base.